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Selzer & Company, Inc.Selzer & Company, Inc. 

Case Studies
Wondering how we're different from other firms? Our recent case studies illustrate how we turn knowledge into wisdom for our clients.


Discovering your potential:How can your company become a thought-leader?

Finding the real heart of a problem:How can you solve systemic problems?

Finding your voice:How do you tap into grassroots' interest in your mission?

Maximizing your potential:How do you change hearts and minds?

Finding common ground:How do you see past your own biases
when gauging your membership's temperature on an issue?


Building your base:How can you increase your relevancy?

Cultivating small markets:How does a small paper survive and
thrive in the shadow of a big city paper?

Reclaiming credibility:Can newspapers battle the immediacy
and intimacy of TV newscasts?

Stopping subscription stops:What's really behind the subscription
stop when readers say "No time to read?"


Finding a new audience:How can you transform your product without alienating your loyal base?

Changing with the times:How can a magazine evolve and still
hang onto its loyal readers?

Leveraging brand equity: Can a magazine's brand be a revenue


Matching promotion to audience:How important is having the right
audience for a promotion?

Revealing brand identity:What happens when you ignore
a brand?

Tracking the impact of quality customer service:What costs you a customer?
Selzer & Company, Inc.
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